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Party Favours... Minus The Junk

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Lets be honest... We all hate the #partyfavours that just add trash to your counter top and load your kids up with sugar as soon as you pick them up from the party.

But what if you could have something that's easy to put together, is actually super cute and minus the lollies! Lets think outside the box and #reducewaste whilst creating those magical #partymemories for the ones we love.

Imagine your 4 year old birthday party themed as #fairymagic and you put together a DIY seed kit for their friends to take home. Or maybe you have a little man who is #dinomad... why not a playdough kit with some mini dinosaur figurines or dinosaur themed book. For me its these little touches that people remember and puts the heart into your event!

We have put together some some cute ideas (that are also super easy to organise) that we just know you are going to love.

0 - 2 YEARS OLD:


Sensory balls

Bath toys

Bubble wands

Mini wooden vehicles

Stacking blocks

Cute socks

3 - 4 YEARS OLD:

Colouring books

Sidewalk chalk

Playdough sets

Mini water bottles

Stuffed toys

Mini puzzles

Mini musical instruments

Make your own cookie kit

Fairy wands

5 - 8 YEARS OLD:

Art kits

Seed planting kits

Reading or comic books

Slime kits

Superhero capes & masks

Drink bottles

Personalised key chains

Friendship bracelets

You want to take it to the next level... I love to package these up by either using a party favour box or wrapping a ribbon around it.

So lets think past the boring lollies and plastic throw away items and create some magic for our #minime

Skye xx

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